Name and current year

Liam, 1st year 

Where are you studying? 

Cronton College, Widnes 

Why did you choose an apprenticeship, instead of a day release course or learning on the job? 

It had the mix of being in a working environment and getting first-hand experience of practising new skills. It also allows me to further my education and knowledge at college. 

How are you finding the mix of learning on the job and being at college? 

It’s helpful because I can put my newly found skills into practice.  

What skills have you developed? 

I have developed my skills to work as part of a team, but also being able to work independently. I’ve also learnt how to use all the different pieces of equipment and what they are for. 

What is your favourite piece of equipment? 

The GPS. 

Favourite aspect of the job? 

The mix of the outdoor site work but also the indoor office work. 

How have you and your mentor got on? Are you learning a lot from them? 

My mentor is Sam, and he has been good to me. He has taught me how to use the different types of kits and how it all works. 

Why did you choose to become a surveyor? 

Parts of it come from my interest in Geography from when I was at school. These skills were then utilised in the role of a surveyor. 

What would your advice be to your younger self or to someone looking at becoming a surveyor? 

I would advise anyone to investigate apprenticeships. I would suggest you do this much earlier than I did, to become one much quicker. If I could turn back time, I would tell my 16 year old self to look into becoming an apprentice.

Are you or someone you know interested in a geospatial apprenticeship? We’re looking for a new apprentice to work with us. You can send an email to or contact us for more information.