As Built Survey

As-Built, also called ‘As Constructed’, surveys are usually produced at the end of the project and are used to illustrate where buildings, pavements, roads and features have been built. These surveys can also be carried out during the different stages of construction, to provide a point in time view.

As Built surveys are used to demonstrate to the building inspector that the project conforms to regulations. It can be a useful tool during a large project, to show what has been completed and allow for scheduling adjustments to be made. This type of survey can also be used by a contractor to determine payment schedules relating to different aspects of the build.

Key Benefits

  • Can be used for a wide range of land projects, including roads and rail construction, to utility improvements and building construction
  • An accurate As-Built drawing can be used to obtain a completion certificate, which allows the return of retention funds
  • Drainage authorities may require As-Built sewer records before they can adopt a drainage network
  • Highways authorities require them prior to the adoption of completed works on new developments
  • There may be a need to confirm the location of any steel beams or structures or identify sewer or storm water drainage


  • Up to date detailed topographic survey capturing all required features at a point in time
  • Topographic survey issued in a 2D plan or 3D model
  • The data captured can be cross checked with the original proposed layout to highlight any anomalies
  • Detailed topographic survey appropriate for road and sewer adoption, submission to the land registry etc

Due to its success, Daresbury Sci-Tech Park is going through significant growth, which is exciting to be part of. With support from the Powers team with an updated detailed topographical survey, we’ve been able to put a next-stage design programme into place.

Kokob Gebrekidan Civil Engineer, ARUP

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