3D Ground Modelling and Volumetrics

Highly accurate cut and fill calculation of earthworks can be determined using ground modelling and volumetrics. This can be used to support the design process of landscape regeneration. Ground modelling turns a topographical survey, with levels and heights, into a 3D contoured or triangulated map. This provides a visual representation of the shape of the site measured.

Before any ground breaking activities, an initial level survey of the site should be completed in order to obtain accurate Original Ground Survey (OGL) data. Following processing, a digital terrain model (DTM) of the site is created, which can be used as the basis for all further surveys and volume computations. Additional surveys can be conducted at various milestones throughout the project to provide updated 3D digital models that can be compared to the OGL to determine the volume excavated or filled.

Useful in earthworks projects, state-of-the-art software enables different planes of the site to be viewed. Volumetrics is the process by which cubic metres of land/material mass can be calculated to create a desired outcome – for example, providing accurate areas of volumes for cut/fill balancing, or creating a mound or depression in the land to suit your design needs.

Key Benefits

  • Comparing the original ground model of an area with a new ground model will show what land has been removed or added. This can be used to assist disputes regarding landfill or excavation
  • Volumetrics identifies the materials available, and the cut and fill material required, to create the desired landscape. This is helpful for landscape projects, including golf course design and areas of urban regeneration
  • To view large areas of land to be re-landscaped, remediated or regenerated, we can produce an isopachytes analysis drawing, to show areas requiring cut and fill in a colour plan
  • Accurate volume survey calculations enable earthworks monitoring during construction, ensuring that time is not wasted excavating or moving incorrect volumes of materials
3D Model Resized


  • 3D contoured ground model
  • Isopachyte analysis drawings
  • Volumetrics survey including data
  • Cut/Fill survey including data

Powers has delivered an excellent service from start to finish. We initially approached them along with two other surveying companies. Powers was very responsive, replying quickly to our enquiry and with a quote both Planit-IE and the council were happy with. We’re very pleased to have engaged them on this multifaceted regeneration project.

Danny Marsh Principal Landscape Architect , PlanIt-IE

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