Mobile Mapping

By equipping a vehicle with GNSS, photographic, radar, laser, LiDAR or any number of remote sensing devices, we are able to capture vast amounts of data quickly. With mobile mapping there is no need for expensive traffic management, which causes delays by waiting for permission to close a road. The outputs include GIS data, 2D digital maps or 3D digital models, and georeferenced pictures or videos.

The capture of 3D geospatial data from a moving vehicle platform is made possible by mobile mapping technology. An inertial measurement unit that produces a smoothed vehicle trajectory, to which a 3D point cloud and 360-degree imagery are referred.

Collection of geospatial data is conducted with two surveyors, who will drive the route before work is to commence. This enables them to plan the best route, with the most GPS coverage and to scope out traffic. To ensure the data capture is accurate, various ground control points are placed along the route. By comparing the co-ordinates of the ground control points, the team are able to enhance the accuracy of the point cloud.

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Key Benefits

  • Ideal for roads and highways
  • Captures over 12 miles of geospatial data in a day
  • No need to arrange traffic management, which can be costly and time consuming
  • Accurate geospatial data capture


  • 3D digital models
  • 2D digital maps
  • Georeferenced pictures and/or video

We have worked with the team at Powers in the past and know that the company provides a thorough and professional service. These surveys are very important to our work, as the more information we have, the better the plans that we produce are.  Information like the location and depth of different utilities, and the materials that they are made from, all help inform the final designs.

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