3D Models

3D modelled construction is the scanning of buildings or structures and the translation of them into 3D digital models. This allows designers, architects and construction professionals to manipulate or change the model to suit new designs for redevelopment. 3D modelling is an ideal format to illustrate proposed new landscapes and buildings.

Our measured building surveyors scan a structure and create a 3D digital point cloud rendition. This allows exact measured points to be interrogated for every part of the structure. In many cases, our clients use raw point cloud data for their designs but often the point cloud is translated into a 3D model AutoCAD file which can be used in AutoCAD 3D Civils, Architecture, Revit or other 3D software packages.

Key Benefits

  • Accurate 3D visualisation of a current building
  • Projects kept on track and within budget through interrogation of measured points
  • Improved communication between our clients and their customer
  • Designs can be created using actual measurements for exact project costing
  • Clash detection and construction issues ironed out at design stage
  • Reduced material wastage due to exact project costing


  • 3D Digital model
  • Helps communicate site layout
  • Allows realistic visualisations of a landscape for redevelopment
  • Less errors, reduced lead time, cost savings
  • Ensures projects are on time and on track
  • Digital 3D models allow for collaboration between teams or contractors
  • Geospatial reference points for any position on the building
  • 3D digital models can be used immediately with BIM software

Building the Maggies Centre at Clatterbridge was an incredibly important project for The Steve Morgan Foundation and ultimately for the people the centre will support. Creating the right environment at such a difficult juncture for these visitors is vital, and understanding the site was an important part in achieving this. We appreciate the support and pro bono services provided by Powers.

Jonathan Masters Commercial Director, Bridgemere UK PLC

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