Project Lifecycle

Surveys for every step of your construction journey

We regularly find that clients can use as many as three or four different survey companies for their measured survey requirements on a project. This becomes three or four different one-off projects, and therefore one-off prices. It is our goal to increase value for money for our clients by looking at their project from start to finish.

We determine where we can support them in all their measured survey requirements from pre-planning right through to asset management and maintenance. This means you can book in future provisional work with us and know we’ll be there when you need us. In addition, as we know your site, we don’t have to spend time getting up to speed. We’re already at speed, which translates into a cost saving over time.

1. Pre

There is a lot of preparation required before a project reaches site. We can undertake all your pre-planning surveys, to ensure you understand what you are working with. Our measured building surveys also enable you to visualise what the project will look like on completion and ensure that it fits within its environment.

2. Site

We ensure that you have all the information you need about your site, from what lies beneath to the variations of the above-ground site itself. The importance of accurate setting out can’t be overstated, and we are experienced in ensuring our measurements are precise.

3. On-site

Having a member of our team onsite during construction provides peace of mind and ensures that there are no deviations from the initial setting out. It’s easy for variations to creep in during a large construction project, but the impact of that can be catastrophic. We would be happy to lend you a site engineer for the length of your project if required.

4. Post

The final step at project completion is ensuring that all elements of a site are captured within an ‘As Built’ survey. These are required for road adoption, land registry plans and to check that buildings and street furniture are in the right place and to the correct measurements. We can also help you with final topographical surveys, 3D models and laser scanning, as well any ongoing monitoring, asset management and maintenance surveys.