Boundary Surveys

A fair and honest viewpoint will win your case. Boundary disputes can be hard to determine, but our Boundary Surveys provide an accurate record of where your boundary exists versus Land Registry documents or historic title deeds.

The legal boundary is an imaginary or invisible line that separates properties, while the physical boundary is often hedges, walls or fences that can be seen. While Ordnance Survey and The Land Registry Office work closely to show the general boundaries of a property or area when the land is first registered, over time the OS map or Title plan of your property may become out of date compared to what is on the ground.

Key Benefits

  • Review of Land Registry Documents versus the property’s physical boundary to determine any boundary creep
  • Expert key witness with experience, knowledge and an unbiased viewpoint of boundary disputes at court level
  • Expert key witness that considers the needs of the client as well as the solicitor representing the client and the case to be disputed
  • Determination of individual parcel boundaries


  • Base plan showing accurate location of existing boundary features
  • Production of Land Registry compliant plans
  • Accurate record of where your boundary exists versus Land Registry documents or historic title deeds
  • Swift boundary resolution through an unbiased, experienced viewpoint
  • Determination of individual parcel boundaries or the subdivision of land
  • The provision of lease and conveyance plans, boundary demarcation. Assessment of land areas for sale
  • Civil Court compliant boundary report

We always strive to work with local businesses, and Powers has continually been able to deliver excellent surveys for our projects. The company’s background surveys – be it the restaurant, gym or more recently the spa – ensure that the project has a solid grounding from the outset and are the origin of how the projects then go on to take shape.

Jonathan Masters Commercial Director, Bridgemere UK PLC

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