Geography is a field of science dedicated to studying the land, its features, the people who live on Earth and all the wonderful, natural phenomena that take place. The subject of geography is more important to students now as it’s about the environment and climate change, which is a topic the younger generation really relates to.

While math is an area of knowledge that includes numbers, formulas, and algebra. Whilst the two subjects are vastly different, they do work closely with each other, especially in the land surveying profession.

As surveying professionals, we have a keen interest in geography and math. Whilst these subjects are popular with school children, the surveying profession, like the construction industry, need to encourage more people of school leaving age to pursue careers in these fields. If your children like being outdoors, surrounded by nature and going on field trips, perhaps a career as a land surveyor might be for them.

At Powers, we want to champion geography and math to KS3 kids to help them become the land surveyors of the future.