A growth mindset is all about attitude. The attitude to learning and growing as a person, in your professional and personal life. We need to be open to new ideas, willing to try these new ideas, and take feedback and not get upset.

Change can be hard for people, but sometimes we need to take a leap into the unknown because it can be the difference between your business going forward or being stuck in the past.

Teaching a growth mindset is vital to any business, whatever its size. Here are five tips to start implementing a growth mindset within your team.:
1.    Reframe ‘failures’ as ‘opportunities to learn’
2.   Consider success to be a journey
3.   Make mistakes
4.   Seek feedback
5.   Be kind to yourself

Allow yourself to experience these feelings and reactions without rejecting them and think about how you might even be able to take something positive away from them in the future. Making this choice will promote long-term growth and be more true to your experience.

Image source: Canva