‘Helping Men and Boys’ is left up to interpretation as to what it means to support men and boys. This could be helping to look after their mental and physical health, ensuring they go for regular check-ups and are just all-around feeling positive.

What does it mean for Powers? We asked our team of surveyors what international men’s day means to them, this is what they had to say.

‘It’s an opportunity to bring awareness to men’s mental health, as a lot of men suffer in silence. We are seen as being ‘weak’ when we express our emotions.’

‘To me, it’s a day to celebrate who I am.’

‘A day to celebrate with the footy!’

Whilst thoughts vastly differ, there are some really deep reasonings behind why we should celebrate international men’s day, even if we do the small things, like watch football just to unwind. It can really make a difference to someone’s mental well-being.