Collaborative working

So much about the construction industry is built on excellence and reputation. Award wins and industry acknowledgment are great positives to outline to prospective clients and it’s important to retain a good public profile. By working with the best in all sectors, companies are able to ensure their prestige is built up and strengthened, as collaborating with reliable partners makes businesses more resilient and efficient.

But it’s not just in the initial stages of a project where accuracy is key. Keeping track throughout a project, will ensure that projects remain on schedule and within budget. For many projects, having an onsite surveyor and setting out engineer based on-site throughout can pay dividends in the long run.  They can help with the day-to-day setting out on site, aiding technicians as they work on the verification of positions and measurements. Having this high level of interaction on site means there remains a high degree of accuracy in transferring plans to reality.

Drawing on experience

The use of digital technology is also assisting greater accuracy in the construction process. The margins for error have narrowed, as equipment becomes ever more precise and reducing or removing human error from calculations. Measurements can be checked and double-checked in an instant, and updates can be loaded and logged with immediate effect, meaning that drawings and layouts need never be out of date.

Expertise and experience are also an important factor in accuracy, when working on construction projects. Having a bank of knowledge at your disposal can prove invaluable, if any problems should arise. From years of experience, a surveyor will know what things to look out for when carrying out a land survey. Tell-tale signs can be clues to ground conditions, or underground obstacles, or utilities.

Powers has 45 years’ experience in the land surveying, setting out and topographical surveys, which helps ensure that we can enable you to keep your projects on time and in budget. Working with professionals is always everyone’s ideal – but often not the reality. However, our team can provide ‘on-the-spot’ problem solving and even pre-empt some of your project’s problems or challenges. We understand the importance of good communication and meticulous record keeping. If you have a construction project that requires our expertise, then get in touch with us today.