Budgeting for projects

Similarly, when it comes to creating budgets for civil and construction projects, you will be looking for cost effective and value for money solutions, not just the cheapest possible option. You need to be sure that your supplier is not cutting corners, as this is likely to lead to costly delays, or worse, further down the line.

Building the picture with topographical and underground utilities surveys

Working in geospatial, the purpose of our surveys is to build up a whole picture of what exists in real life so there are no nasty surprises in store when a project is well under way. To provide the best possible service for our customers, we have invested in the latest technology, specific and effective geospatial training for our staff and comprehensive insurance, certification and accreditations to ensure our work remains of the highest quality. Of course, ‘the whole picture’ means more than what you can actually see as it includes what’s under the ground as well as on top.

HSE regulations decree that anyone wishing to dig needs to know what services are located where beneath the surface, before the ground is broken. Our underground utility detection surveys will provide you with comprehensive services locations to the required PAS 128:2022 British Specification.  We locate the presence or absence of underground services on sites using ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic equipment, such as a CAT and genny. They show the position, type and depth of live, abandoned or redundant service networks based on PAS 128:2022 Quality Levels (QL) agreed in advance. This detailed knowledge will save you expensive delays and potentially lethal strikes.

Surveying – a journey of continuous professional development

When choosing a survey partner, as well as knowing they are using advanced technology, you need to be sure that the team has the necessary qualifications to ensure that the work is going to be carried out to the highest possible professional standard. Powers runs a sustainable apprenticeship programme as a way of plugging the geospatial skills gap and are a CICES Approved Development Partner. The CICES Approved Development Scheme supports our surveyors’ progression to a professional qualification following the completion of their apprenticeship which means they continue their professional development from the minute they join the company.

It is also worth knowing that the survey company you use holds adequate professional indemnity and public and products liability. Powers holds a £5m cover limit on professional indemnity and £10m on public and products liability. To find out how we can support you with a topographical, measured building or underground utility survey, contact us on 01928 734473 or email surveyors@powersuk.com.