What is PAS 128:2022?

The original PAS 128 specification was published in June 2014 and recent updates have resulted in PAS 128:2022 specification. Many don’t know what it entails and why being compliant with this specification is beneficial in planning and executing construction projects.

PAS 128:2022 offers a reliable method for conducting underground utility detection surveys. The current underground utility detection, verification, and location specification is known as PAS 128:2022 from the British Standards Institution (BSI). When clients review underground utility survey reports, the element of uncertainty, interpretation, and consequent variable risk is reduced depending on the quality level agreed upon.

What are PAS 128:2022 Quality Levels?

There are four levels of underground detection surveys. Each one focuses on different degrees of location certainty that are agreed upon between Powers surveyors and their clients. The different levels include:


Why should my underground utility survey be to PAS 128:2022 standard?

Before beginning any construction work, including ground investigation, boreholes, and trial pits, utility tracing and mapping should be carried out. These surveys are useful to designers at the beginning of projects so they can design around the services or see if any of the services may need rerouting. Accurate utility mapping minimises expensive and potentially deadly conflicts, delays, and disturbances during construction operations by finding buried assets.

Inaccurate information about the existence and location of buried utilities might harm a project’s ability to proceed. A PAS 128:2022 specifcation survey will only use services plans from the relevant service provider that are 48 hours old. If your surveyor does not use services plans that are within 48 hours of when the survey was carried out, then recently added services may not show up on the drawing. Errors can be costly if there is a lack of reliable, up to date information.

What information is included in a PAS 128:2022 underground utility drawing?

  • The location of the utilities
  • The direction in which the utilities go
  • The type of services such as water, electricity, and gas. The services are only included if the utility is identified and can be traced back to the source
  • The legend (which includes caveats, sub-surface keys, and a methodology key)
  • The location plan

The data collection accuracy is specified by PAS 128:2022. It can help with project planning and scoping by ensuring the integrity and reliability of the data. The advantages of PAS 128 guarantee that each utility detection survey’s results will be highly accurate and definite. The client can schedule all utility-related tasks more efficiently because of the increased accuracy and reliability provided.

A PAS 128:2022 survey can also help with desktop utilities record search and verification. PAS 12:2022 guarantees quantifiable levels of quality for surveys, from desk-based research through to complete site verification. PAS 128:2022 specification sets out the standard of accuracy required to be able to capture data that supports clients in planning projects.

Underground utiltiy detection survey
A close up on an PAS 128:2022 underground utility detection survey completed by powers

What are the benefits of a PAS 128:2022 specification survey?

Some of the benefits of having a PAS 128:2022 underground utility detection survey include:

  • Preventing delays in work
  • Avoiding damage to buried assets and injuries to people
  • Delivering up to date data so that clients can make informed decisions using.
  • Allowing more effective planning and excavation for street, civil and groundworks
mala being used on a street to find underground utility cables and pipes
Powers team using the latest underground utility detection to find underground utilities

Why is the PAS 128:2022 specification important for underground utility detection surveys?

When deciding on new utilities for construction projects, inaccurate or insufficient information regarding the existence and current placement of utility assets might be detrimental. As demand grows for infrastructure in the UK, the requirements to maintain and replace the existing buried assets are increasing.

During design and construction operations, a lack of accurate information can lead to:

  • Costly disputes
  • Risks to the safety of workers from service strikes
  • The need to stop work that isn’t essential
  • Third parties’ property coming to harm
  • Inefficient design solutions.
Surveyors on a site conducting an underground utility detection survey
Powers conducting a PAS 128:2022 underground utility survey

How can Powers support you?

Powers are an experienced team with 50 years of experience working in the surveying profession. We are committed to continuous learning and improvement and, as a result, you know you can trust us to do a good job. So why not contact us for a quote?

By having Powers carry out a PAS 128:2022 specification underground utility detection survey, we will provide you with a precise, detailed drawing showing all buried utilities, which will protect your team and project, save you time and money, and avoid costly damage.

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