In March 2018, Powers was commissioned to design and project manage the extension of a rural cemetery in Nantwich, Cheshire.

The project involved the conversion of former agricultural land, opposite an existing cemetery. This was to form an extended cemetery, with a new parking area.

We provided a topographic survey, mapping the layout of the site and supplying the plans needed for the boundary treatments, and soft and hard landscaping.

Prior to decision of the new extension, paths within the original cemetery were allocated for new graves. However, space was still lacking to maintain the availability of new grave spaces.

This extension has allowed the cemetery to meet demand for new graves to the local area for many more years to come, and has allowed for family members to bury their loved ones closer to their home location than they otherwise would have been able to. This has therefore ensured the continued provision for burial that meets local need across the whole of Cheshire East.

Needless to say, we still conducted our survey only in daylight hours!

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