This is a statement we at Powers stand firmly behind. We aim to be more sustainable and love working on forward-thinking projects to create a better environment.

As magnificent as new buildings are, we need to think more sustainably. Some buildings are hundreds of years old and can be adapted or retrofitted to bring them up to today’s building standards. Not only do existing buildings use fewer resources and reduce waste, but they also use less energy than if they were built from scratch.
We won’t be able to meet our 2050 carbon reduction targets without increasing the energy efficiency of our current buildings, 20% of which are historic structures built before 1919. Historic England’s research indicates that by carefully altering a historic structure, CO2 emissions can be reduced by more than 60%.

If you’re working on sustainable projects, we can support you.

If you’re retrofitting or redeveloping a building then get in touch for a measured building survey and let’s make existing buildings more sustainable.

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