Drone surveys are an excellent way to capture spatial data quickly and effectively, but the finished drawing isn’t always as detailed or specific as a topographical survey drawing. When it comes to revisiting a drawing, years down the line, it’s easy to forget it was not a topographic drawing, to begin with, and therefore one could assume it’s not the greatest drawing. Who wants a reputation for delivering substandard topographic surveys?

Definitely not us!

To combat this, we always add what type of survey work has been carried out by the Powers team, into the title block on all of our drawings. So, you know exactly the level of detail that was picked up at the time the survey was done.

The Importance of Title Blocks on Survey Drawings

Title blocks on survey drawings have another vital use, as it helps to establish what work was done, when and by whom.

Title blocks show the story of the drawing(s) as clients sometimes need another type of survey at a later stage of a project. As a result, quite often one survey company’s survey data may be overlaid over another survey company’s survey data. As we experience this so regularly, it’s important our clients know which survey we’ve done. And this is why we always add the type of survey we’ve carried out to the title block.

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