The state of the industry

Amongst some of the jobs in the industry, surveying and geospatial data capture are amongst the areas which have been affected. This is due to both areas not being highlighted enough to those at school-leaver age, or some institutions not suggesting surveying as a suitable job. However, neither job have been put on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) just yet. The SOL is comprised of industries whose employers face a shortage of suitable labour.

While the industry is aware and improving, it is still a very male dominated industry, with only around 14% of the workforce comprising of women. The numbers will rise as more women choose to work in construction, so we need to start encouraging more women to join the workforce.

The next generation of construction

More needs to be done to encourage the younger generation to pursue a career in the industry. ‘Gen Z’ and ‘Millennials’ have been brought up within a digital world, and the construction industry has connotations of not being ‘digitalised’, but that is no longer the case. Both the surveying professions and the construction industry are in a race to digitise their businesses.

Technology can come in various forms, from the automation of manual and paper processes or using technology within the processes themselves, to deliver the end product. There is a multitude of opportunity for anyone who is digitally minded within in all disciplines of the construction industry.

The younger generations are also more conscious of environmental impact and perhaps don’t see construction being environmentally friendly. However, buildings are now more sustainable, and those working in various sectors, are doing their part to ensure they reach net zero.

How can this be changed?

  • Career advice in schools – sometimes learning by textbooks isn’t a route teenagers want to go down.
  • Informing them that it’s more than just hard labour – there are so many different careers in construction, from being an architect, an engineer, a land surveyor, a brickie, plumber, or a facilities manager. There really is a role for everyone.
  • Show how construction is changing – the use of drones and AR is rapidly increasing.
  • Encourage more women to join the workforce.

In a world after the pandemic, joining the surveying and construction industries can be a satisfying change of career. There will always be a need for homes, infrastructure projects and commercial buildings.

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