Survey Drawing Examples

In this exclusive section, you will find a number of our survey drawing examples. These example drawings show the quality of work we produce for all our clients. These examples are aimed to assist you in understanding the standard of work we produce and what is to be expected from the Powers team.

All content is based on the spatial data we gather, which is available at the time of issue.

Topographical survey drawing example

An example of a large scale project undertaken by Powers. Click the image to view the full PDF


Measured building survey drawing example

Example image icon of a measured building survey done by Powers
Example of a measured building drawing of a church. Click the image to see the larger PDF

Floorplan drawing example

Internal floorplan example. Click the image for full PDF

Elevations drawing example


External elevation (also known as a Streetscape) example. Click image for full PDF


Underground Utility Detection (Utility Mapping) drawing example

Underground utility detection (utility mapping) example. Click image for full PDF

Revit Models

Recent Revit model example. Full PDF coming soon


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