Surveying a cemetery: why would one need to be surveyed?

How do you survey a cemetery? A cemetery (or graveyard) is surveyed in the same way as any other site. Depending on the specification of the client, a topographical survey would be conducted, along with an underground utility detection survey (utility mapping). The topographical survey would show the contours of the land and the features, …

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Setting out for construction: fixing problems before they arise

Image of a total station, facing the camera, with a construction site behind it

Having to go back and fix something because the correct procedures weren’t followed. Or having a construction project go over budget because there weren’t enough materials or mistakes were made that have to be rectified. Or even worse, not being able to get contractors on board because they’re swamped with other projects. Don’t worry—we’ve got …

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Why you need an up-to-date topographical survey

young lad, with his back to the camera, in a hi-vis jacket. Stood with a total station conducting a topographical survey

Site preparation for construction can change the terrain and features of the ground again and it is vital that all contractors have up-to-date topographical measurements before breaking ground in the construction of new buildings. An accurate topographic survey brings certainty to planned developments, by reducing the risk of errors and by giving an accurate plan …

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What is a deformation and movement monitoring survey?

What is Deformation and Movement Monitoring? Deformation and movement monitoring (also referred to as a deformation survey) is a technique used to monitor the deformation of structures. Deformation and movement monitoring measures and tracks any alterations in the shape or dimensions of a building or retaining wall. It is used in civil engineering, construction, and …

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Measured building survey of the Houses of Parliament

Bonfire Night is known for the celebrations of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Treason plot Bonfire Night is known for the celebrations of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Treason plot. The British public watches fireworks displays and gathers around bonfires, even cooking jacket potatoes in the flames. The intentions of Bonfire Night have changed since …

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