Our construction journey

construction journey image from social media with a construction site in the background and overall colour is blue

The services we provide will support you throughout your project. We will be with you from: Pre-planning Site preparation On-site construction Post construction What you may not know is, we can deliver all your survey needs throughout the construction journey, by providing you with one quote for multiple survey services. This increases value for money …

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TSA Conference 2022

Today Powers will be attending The Survey Association conference, where the guest speaker is former England Rugby Coach, Clive Woodward, who led the England team to victory in the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Clive is a forward thinker, and even though he doesn’t work within the survey profession, his ideas on business thinking and strategy …

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PAS 128:2022 : what you need to know

pas 128:2022 what you need to know

What is PAS 128:2022? The original PAS 128 specification was published in June 2014 and recent updates have resulted in PAS 128:2022 specification. Many don’t know what it entails and why being compliant with this specification is beneficial in planning and executing construction projects. PAS 128:2022 offers a reliable method for conducting underground utility detection …

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Houses of Parliament: how would Powers conduct a survey of this building?

The Houses of Parliament – a measured building surveyor’s dream What measured surveys would the Head of Restoration and Renewal at the Houses of Parliament need to ensure its ongoing safety and repair? A topographical survey – showing the building within its surrounding environment including gardens, roads and paths leading from street level into the …

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