Drone surveying and mapping

Drone being used with an tablet screen facing the screen

What is a drone survey? Drone surveying is the process of acquiring data from an aerial viewpoint. Combining images or a LiDAR scan produces a high-resolution image. These images each carry a set of 3D coordinates, which enables further processing to assemble them into a sketch with accurate measurements. The practice of autonomous drone mapping …

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Norman Foster Iconic British Architect

Who is Norman Foster? A renowned British architect, born in a North West working-class town, Stockport. Norman Foster designs buildings that are influenced by his passion for motorsports, his love of steel and glass, and his time serving in the RAF. Foster’s childhood Norman Foster was born in 1935, in Stockport, near Manchester. He lived …

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Modular Construction- Are we living in an Ikea flatpack universe?

What is modular construction? Modular construction is when a building is constructed away from the building site, usually in a factory, under controlled conditions in the same way as a conventional building, but in half the time. As they are prefabricated buildings consisting of repeated sections (thus the term modular), they are then transported to …

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Outsourcing Work to India – Should I be doing it?

Taj Mahal and outsourcing work in India

Outsourcing work to India Various businesses throughout the UK and the world, are outsourcing work to India. Some companies depend on outsourcing their work, while others do it all in-house. It works for some and not for others, but don’t feel pressured into doing it because everyone else is. What is outsourcing? A definition of …

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Powers provides ‘spooktacular’ service for local cemetery

Halloween - cemetery

In March 2018, Powers was commissioned to design and project manage the extension of a rural cemetery in Nantwich, Cheshire. The project involved the conversion of former agricultural land, opposite an existing cemetery. This was to form an extended cemetery, with a new parking area. We provided a topographic survey, mapping the layout of the …

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With a skills shortage in the construction business, what will the future hold for the industry?

industry skills shortage

The state of the industry Amongst some of the jobs in the industry, surveying and geospatial data capture are amongst the areas which have been affected. This is due to both areas not being highlighted enough to those at school-leaver age, or some institutions not suggesting surveying as a suitable job. However, neither job have been put on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) …

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Are 20-minute neighbourhoods a realistic vision of the future for us all?

20-minute neighbourhoods

Across the globe there is growing interest in creating places where people’s day to day needs can be met within a distance short enough to walk or cycle. If people become more physically active, their mental and physical health improves. Traffic decreases and the quality of the air we all breathe gets better. Local services …

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